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Reunion Date Change Update

                           A party 50+ years in the Making

In light of the health issues we were facing in 2020, and in order to be proactive, cautious, and courteous to minimize exposure on those issues, our reunion committee decided to move our event to June 12, 2021. As much as we hated canceling our reunion in 2020, the committee felt the health environment was not conducive to the attendance that a 50th Anniversary Reunion warranted. So we decided to rename our reunion to 50 Plus.


 Our 50 Plus Reunion was held at the Embassy Suites as we had originally planned. This allowed us to utilize the planning that we've worked on for a year with minimal changes. The Embassy Suites did a wonderful job hosting our event. The food was fantastic, the venue perfect and the staff was outstanding. All this made for a wonderful evening of laughing, dancing and camaraderie.



                           Reunion Committee Letter


50 years is a long time.  And 2 years to plan a 50-year reunion was a long time, too.  Oh, it didn't start out to be a 2-year project, but societal circumstances made it so.  Those societal circumstances were both a curse and a blessing. We all know people who were affected by "The Disease" and many people suffered ill health and others opted not to attend our reunion because of it.  Yes, it was a curse; a terrible curse.  

As a committee we struggled with the decision to delay and ultimately postpone our reunion, but that postponement was a bit of a blessing for us.  Most of the members traveled significant miles to meet on a monthly basis, but over that extended 2-year period we all became closer and looked forward to meeting with our new – old friends; a blessing!  It was also a blessing for you, our classmates, as we developed a great website with pictures and life stories(Class of 1970 (Brookhaven High School) (  We gathered current contacts for many of our classmates and have a forum to stay in touch and continue to find our "missing" classmates.  

As a committee we all hope that you enjoyed our reunion as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.  We prepared a poem which captures the feeling of that night.  

Reunion Dream


There was a night, not long ago

That time, itself, did seem to slow.

Was it a dream of days of yore?

Our hearts, they swelled, cried out for more.

We met with friends and loves long past

Were sad to know it couldn't last.

We lived, again, that wonderous time

The world was ours and you were mine.

That night was sweet with friends we talked

And down that memory lane we walked.

Those days are so much grander now

Our deeds, enhanced, were great, somehow.

As with all dreams we too soon woke,

Retake our place, the spell now broke.

Then time resumed, our friends did leave.

It was so sweet; we could not grieve.

Those friends we keep within our heart

From there dear friends will never part

Now it's up to you!  Stay in touch.  Visit the website, let us know how you are.  Help us connect with those missing classmates.  Most importantly Love One Another!  


Your Brookhaven Class of 1970 Reunion Committee


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